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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This morning I woke up to the sharp sound of sleet on the rooftop.When I heard that, I was so grateful for a dry, warm place to live. Thank you, Jesus!
It has been doing "something" since yesterday about 2pm. It sleeted off and on from then until sometime this morning. After that it started snowing. It still is, I think. The snow is very beautiful.The children have hot plans to go sledding tomorrow. I'm trying to decide what goodies I can whip up for them after wards. Spiced cider (apple juice) and popcorn? Maybe.
We did call mo|one|call. The phone company didn't mark the lines because they weren't sure of the address. The reason why was because they couldn't find the house :). Hmmmm......neither can I. Anyway, so, no dirt work till that's done. Besides, they may not be able/willing to do any work because of this storm. Haven't asked yet.
Still trying to figure out the foundation.
We did get a phone call from the framer. He had some suggestions and a supply list. He and 'daDad talked for a long time.
We rearranged things ,again, and now we have more room and privacy. I think we'll all appreciate it.
The public school children had today off. We did school work, as usual. It is very different living in town.I'm not sure what they (the children's friends) thought about it, but I did offer to home school them for the day :). They decided it was time to go back home;).
My parents bought me some books of Norman Rockwell prints off ebay. They surprised me with that this afternoon.
This was to replace the one that burned. Dad and I used to look at it together when I was a little girl. I can't wait to flip through them with my own children.
Scripture-Psalm 24 Song-At the Cross

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