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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dirt and Decisions

Wow! Has it really been a week since I was on here? A lot has happened.
Last week we did a lot of metal cleanup. Yesterday, they took about half of it to the junk yard. It was worth the trip. Next time they'll probably only get enough to cover the gas, since there is no copper left.
We met with the concrete and dirt work men today. They were both very nice and had some good ideas.
The house site is settled. We are waiting for a quote from our concrete man to decide whether we will be having a partial basement or not. Either way, we are planning to have a poured crawl space.
Now, we are looking into various ways to heat the house. In the first house, we used an indoor wood stove. I don't know if we want to that again.
(Even though the stove was not the source of the fire. We are certain the fire began in our electrical system.)
Tomorrow, Lord willing,we are staying home. The high here is only going to be 14. Brrr. Did I mention we live on prairie land? So there's always wind. The wind chill is supposed to be -10.
Later this week it's supposed to warm up. Then, we'll finish cleaning.
Next week is hopefully going to be in the 40's and sunny. So, if everybody' schedules work out, we just might get some of the before mentioned work done.
I am trying to be grateful, but I'll be happy when we get moved back home. All the children and 'da Dad feel the same way. Even our nearest neighbor misses us.
School is going well. Other home schoolers have been generously donating books, etc. It is such a blessing.
Last Friday, the folks at the Bluegrass Jamboree took up a collection for us and gave us an opportunity to say a few words. We simply pointed them to the goodness of God, and the beauty of Jesus and His sacrifice for us. It is our desire to give Him the glory.
Scripture-Luke 4 Song-I will Sing of My Redeemer

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