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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The utilities are finally marked at our place. 'da Dad called yesterday and left a message with the backhoe company. I'm sure everyone is taking advantage of the good weather, trying to get their work done too. We'll just have to be patient.
This morning Bunny was really fussy, so I laid her down to check her diaper. She got pretty upset. I needed to change her diaper badly, but she couldn't understand why I had laid her down on that cold bed, taking her out of my warm, cuddly arms, where she was comfortable. In the end, she was better off, but she didn't see why I had put her in a position she hates and made her wait to be comfortable again.(Hang in here with me, I'm going somewhere with this:) Then, it dawned on me, God is like that too. He sees our needs better than we do, and knows just how to fill them. We usually aren't comfortable with how He does it, or the speed at which He is or isn't doing it. I've pitched fits, grumbled, and been discontent while He's tried to fix things in the past. It doesn't work. Some things just go at a certain pace, they can't go fast because the job won't be thorough. God is one who does jobs completely. So, I am trying to be still and let Him work. I think often of the Isrealites that didn't get to enter the promised land. It was complaining that kept them out. Yes, I know the Bible says because of their unbelief, but the grumbling was the outward manifestation of that unbelief.
God is always good, and does what is good for us. I will trust Him.
Belle's birthday will be next Tuesday. She will be 8yo then. Time sure goes by fast.
Some friends of ours from WY just became granparents. Congratulations J&B! That means eventually it will happen to us.*sigh* Feeling a little old today ;).
Scripture -1 Corinthians 5-6 Song-While I'm waiting

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