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'daDad (38 yo), the Mama (36yo), FarmerBoy (19 yo ds), Gypsygirl (17 yo dd), Miss Petite (16 yo dd),LionHeart (14 yo ds), Red (12 yo ds), Belle (10 yo dd),Nae Nae (7 yo dd),Bunny (2 yo dd), Little Britches (3 months)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Not too much is going on right now. I did speak to our "contractor" and he gave us some good news about the concrete work. Right now, we are praying that God provides him (concrete sub) with plenty of work.
The weather this week is supposed to be dry and warm. Hopefully it will improve conditions for the dirt work.
It's all about timing.
We have decided to shorten the house 2'. This will help conserve materials without sacrificing too much space.
'da Dad invested in some bicycles and parts to fix some up. This way we can go on family rides on nice days. Trying to find things to do in town that are safe and healthy is kind of hard, but we are working on it.
Speaking of which, Ms. Petite is signing up for basketball. Just as Lionheart's season ends her practices will begin. She sure is excited.
School is going very well. Thanks and God bless you! to our unknown friend that donated the Robinson Curriculum! It has really simplified things.
I need to be sending more thank you notes. The help has been such a blessing, but it has been quite overwhelming at times. I just stand in awe of all that God has done. I'm still amazed.
Scripture-Galatians 1-4 Song-I'm Forever Grateful

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