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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Snow

It's snowing here again. Possibly 6", on top of the 12" + we got last week. At least we are warm and well-fed. It does concern me some when 'da Dad and Farmerboy have to travel in it. I just have to trust God.
A friend of mine asked me why God grows people through painful circumstances. I sure don't have all the answers, but the other night during our family Bible reading, we read some scripture that might help. It is Psalm 147. I have meditated on those verses many times, how God himself heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. We are not unloved or forgotten.
It's kind of like last week when NaeNae showed me an infected spot on her foot where a splinter had become lodged. In order to bring healing, I had to cause the pain of lancing, cleaning, and dressing the area. Today, she showed it to me, and it is all scabbed over. Not totally healed, but well on its way. Now she knows to be sure to deal with stuck splinters immediately. She also knows if Momma hurts her, it must b/c Momma is helping, and Momma knows best. God works like that, only He is perfect.
I am making plans for school next year. It will be a cross of Robinson Curriculum and An Old Fashioned Education (free online homeschool curriculum-a great resource). Robinson is a little light on world history for my taste, so much of the add-ins will be of that nature.
I never talk much about food on here, but I will tonight. Supper will consist of baked potatoes smothered w/ leftover chili, sour cream, cheese,and salsa, w/ apples. Several of the children have been hauling wood, so I have hot water going for tea or hot cocoa.
Sure is nice to be home.
Be blessed.

Job 22-24

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