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Friday, February 11, 2011

Just What Do You Do All Day?

This is a question my dh never has asked me in all our years of marriage. He has asked me what I had been up to, but never in a critical fashion.
The reason this came up is two shows about stay-at-home wives (also called housewives-not very accurate-who's married to a house???). One is DesperateHousewives. trash. Now there's another one called "REal Housewives". yuck and double yuck. Now, Ionlyknow about these from snippets of commercials as I am attempting to watch the news,but I get the gist. Neither of these shows represents me, or any of the other homemaker/stay-at-home moms I know. No one is fooling around, killing anybody, getting hopped up on drugs, or swilling drinks at noon. We're much too busy living.
In an attempt to show what a real woman in the home does, I thought I would post my activities for the next week. If anyone wants to join me please leave your diary in the comments.
This should dispell any myths regarding home life being boring or stifling;).

Friday (so far):

got up and dressed
made bed
fed baby 8-10 times (total)
changed diapers
went car shopping with husband
took Belle out for her birthday dinner and shopping
called insurance agent to check on new car changes
test drove car
made supper from leftovers (casserole made from potato soup thickened, green beans,corn, and hamburger)
dried 2 loads of towels
laundered new fabric bought to make self a new blouse (lavender-my favorite!)
watched weather
washed supper dishes
discussed w/ dh pro's and cons of painted floors vs. vinyl tile or other floor coverings (researched
(last night online)
listened to teenagers problems
loved on the children, esp. Bunny-she missed Mommy today

Today was unusual. As you can see, I was home very little. Being a homemaker does not mean being a hermit (though there are times I want to be).
I still need to do Bible reading. This am dh let me sleep in a bit and then we left early. So, I need to spend time with Jesus before bedtime.

Titus 2

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