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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things No One Wants to Talk About

(I hope I can remember everything I was going to talk about.......)

So much of the time bloggers only post the good stuff. I do not want to come off as having it "all together", because I don't. Occasionally, I seem to have my (and all the family's) life under control, but then life changes or circumstances occur that require adjustment. There is still peace, but life cannot continue on at the same rhythm.
Right now, our family is blessed with 8 children. Our oldest is 18, moved out to work, lost his job, and is now living with us again. Just yesterday we got him enrolled in college (he is actually working for 2 technical certificates). So, needless to say, it has been a challenge for him and us to acclimate. Our two older daughters are trying to finish high school and are learning to be home keepers. They have their needs and frustrations, too. Then, there is my 13 yo boy. He is just sort of starting to mature, so I have to think about how to enable and encourage him.
Of course the younger ones have needs too, but they are at times easier to meet, because as their physical needs are met, so are their emotional ones (this is less true for Red and Belle). Bunny is toilet training, and it's ..um..messy. I feel so inadequate at times. I am inadequate. But, I know the same God who gave us these children will enable us to raise,train, counsel, and encourage them. I merely need to ask for wisdom, which God gives liberally and does not make me feel dumb for requesting. Then, I have to obey Him.

I have been trying to gain extra understanding/refreshment regarding scriptures related to parenting. That is why I have camped out in Proverbs. I have also started reading a book "The Heart of Anger" by Lou Priolo. This book deals with the issue of anger from a biblical, no psychology perspective. It was written for parents so they can deal with their own sin and then their children's. It has been eye-opening. There are things I have been doing that contribute to my children's struggles, and I am trying to work on them.

Yesterday, as we were working on Andrew's enrollment I realized that some of his classes could have been avoided by accomplishing more in his High School years. When Home school parents purchase curriculum,they need to consider what that $50-100 book might save them. Classes are $95 per credit hour, not including books, fees, or travel expenses. Suddenly, those books just don't seem very pricey, do they.
Also, find out what your state graduation requirements are (or the state where they will be attending school) so you at least know what colleges are expecting your student to have completed. Just my 2 cents.

Be blessed.

Psalm 76 Proverbs 20

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