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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Change of Focus

We have been busy around here. We are planning to move before baby arrives, so we will have a bigger nest to bring him/her into. So, we have been working on packing, decluttering, and cleaning in earnest. I made up a schedule for how to get the things in our current home ready ASAP (thank you Flylady!)
I am trying to work in last- minute preparations for the baby and ,yes, we are still home schooling.
I just try to apply the "do-it-now" principle to most things. I may decide to divide my days up, though.
Something like do my portion of the packing/cleaning (the big girls are helping pack and the boys haul it out for us) before school while Gypsygirl does her dishes, then schoolwork after, then baby prep in the evenings. Fitting in normal work, such as dishes and putting laundry away, that's the tricky part. Please pray that we can balance it all and that everything we need to do, gets done.
The men did get some work done last week. I cannot tell you all about it b/c I was not there. 'da Dad gave some of us the day off, so we went to a local state park festival. We all had a great time.
I may be spending a lot less time on here, w/ the prep for the move, the move, and baby coming. But, I'll do what I can :).
Be blessed.

Proverbs 29 Revelation 14-15

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  1. Let us know if help is needed ... we can bring a soldier or two!

    Computer still outta whack? Can cover that as well, Lord willing...

    Love, Kevin K.