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Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Meanderings and House Update

It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I've had a lot of ideas cooking in my mind.
God has been teaching me some interesting things, largely through my children. As we teach them, and help them through their difficulties, God is also revealing Himself. He is, after all, the best, most perfect parent.
As a family we are studying disobedience/obedience from an outline in For Instruction in Righteousness (available from Doorposts). One of the things that has become clear to me personally is that obeying God means that I am saying Him and His will are the most important thing. If we love Him we will obey Him. Our pastor has been preaching on John 14-17 and His sermon yesterday dovetailed perfectly with what we were reading about last week. It's really neat how God works things out like that.
Another thing I've been mulling over is the Biblical command that the older women teach the younger women. This almost never happens anymore, but it is really worth it if you can manage to find a mentor. Having said that, are we ready ourselves to come along side another younger lady? One of my older girls was discussing with me how she feels a special responsibility to a friend b/c she takes her opinion very seriously, often adopting her views on various things. What most of us don't consider is that we are all that older woman to someone else, even teenagers.
I remember the day I realized I had influence in a young girls life that I did not know I had. I was then teaching Sunday school and this little girl was in my class. In those days, I wore make up, permed my hair, and typically wore heels to church (those of you who know me, please don't choke laughing). Well, one day her mom told me that she was parading around her house with heels and pearls on saying she was "Ms. A". Wow. I was shocked b/c I could never have imagined anyone wanting to be like me, and I realized what I did mattered, even in the small stuff. Someone is always watching us. Maybe they need help, and maybe you're the one God wants to use to aid them along their path to glory.
I was reminded last week to pray for God's viewpoint when dealing with my children, not leaning on my own understanding. Oh, how I needed that fresh perspective on the situation. God is so good to give us people who love us enough to tell us the truth?
I am now reading Proverbs and Revelation. Proverbs b/c it has so much direction on how to live a blessed,Christian life (yes, I know it's OT, but the same God directed the writing of the whole Bible, so the whole thing works together :). Revelation because I've really needed to focus on the victory at the end-remembering Who is really in charge.
Since I last posted we have done more insulating upstairs (approx. 1/2), painted areas on the cabinets we could not get to before, finished the soffit on the front of the house, set the toilet, built some scaffolding, and started building the bathroom vanity. We are getting there. Please keep praying.

Proverbs 20, Revelation6

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