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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I Were a Feminist...........

I knew that would get you!
If I were a feminist I would hate abortion. It kills women (at least 1/2 of all abortions are female). It victimizes women, because it causes long-term mental and physical health issues. Lastly, it encourages the one thing feminists hate most-men using women and then allowing them to dump the "responsibility" on women. Feminists who are anti-life are not consistent in their world view.
I am not a feminist. I do believe abortion is wrong because it kills children, hurts women and men, and encourages people not to take responsibility for their actions. I just happen to believe what God says about children in Psalm 127-8-they are a blessing.

A while back I said I canned some grape juice. All of the seals popped, except the 2 I water bathed. Never again. Always water bath.
Then, i had an opportunity to can 1/2 a bushel of peaches. The big girls and I worked on those, and that gave us 10 quarts of peaches.
On Saturday, a friend sent over a box (approx. 1/2 bushel) of pears for us. We put those up, and now have 8 quarts of them.She called a little later to say she would have access to another tree come October. We'll see where we are at by then.
Not to bad for a lady with no garden, who didn't think she'd be putting any home grown food by?
We finally got some good rain here. It sure has been dry. Pastures have been burning up, and some cattlemen have already started feeding hay. It's a pity b/c beef prices have been better (for them) and now they have increased overhead. One of the most thankless and risky jobs is farming/ranching. I hope we are all as thankful as we should be, and treat those folks with some respect. Prayers would be good,too.
Nothing got done on the house last week due to commitments at church.
Everyone is doing well, progressing in school. Farmerboy is faced with some tough classes, but is working hard to persevere. I am very pleased to see him putting forth the extra effort needed.
I have added in some exercise for Lionheart and Red during the school day, just to help them manage their "wiggles". They are a lot more able to concentrate when the y have had some physical activity.
I also read on The Robinson Forum that it is helpful to have a routine of sorts to help them know when you are shifting to "school time". We have one that we use irregularly, but I am going to try to be more faithful in this area to see if it helps the littles.
I was thinking a while back that our clothing was getting a little shabby. I sort of passed it off to my vanity. 'da Dad brought it up yesterday evening while he was sorting out some clothes, so it probably is for real. Good thing city wide yard sales are coming up.

Be blessed.

Psalm 110 Proverbs1