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Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Week

Well, it's been an interesting week. (She understates here.)
Last Friday it was 74 outside, Saturday and Sunday we had so much snow that church was canceled, and two of my friends had babies this week! Pretty neat.
Today, we will be doing school and laundry. I have been doing a lot of running today, and am looking forward to a day at home. I think the children are going to enjoy it also.
Within the next week, Bunny will turn 2. Then she won't be a baby anymore:(. Oh, well, we don't raise them to stay little, do we?
Hopefully, we will be working on the house some over the weekend. I guess I need to check the weather when I'm done here.
We haven't started working on the garden yet. It is to wet, but I do need to finalize the layout so I can buy seeds. I'm ready to get out in the soil again. There's nothing quite like being outside.
On another note: our state democratic representative voted against the healthcare bill. If you appreciate him (for once, imho) doing the right thing email or call one of his offices to say thank you. It's not enough to complain at them. We should encourage them when they make good decisions that actually represent the will of their people. A lot of reps didn't do that. BTW, I'm not usually a fan of his, and have never personally voted for him, so I have no bias in his favor. :)
Please do be praying for our leaders, and that God would be glorified in the choices they make and the ones the American people make in November.

Genesis 40-42 Blessed Assurance