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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Blessings of (coming) Spring and Other Things

The weather here has been fabulous! Today it was in the high 50's , cloudy, but no rain.
I noticed earlier this week while walking with Gypsygirl, that the leaves of the daffodils are pushing up. Then yesterday, while I was hanging out laundry, Ms.Petite and Bunny brought me a tiny blue flower. I also noticed the first dandelion of the year. Very exciting! Spring is definitely in the air.
Two of the older children have signed up for the next age group in basketball. We will still not be as busy as we were with upward.
I had a very nice birthday celebration with my honey. The children also made me a lovely card and chose some pretty and practical gifts. I am blessed. The children and I enjoyed the brownies, but I don't think I will make that type again. I am a fudge brownie lover and these were kind of dry. Well, at least we learned what not to do!
I still have not touched that 2nd quilt. I hope to work on it tomorrow after church.
I haven't worked on the LR curtains either.
I did get some stuff we don't currently need packed away. Now I just need to move it into storage.
This weekend we got some insulation put in, work done on 2 doors, a wall moved to better fit the upstairs bath sink, and all handles removed from our "new" cabinets. I think we are going to have to remove the hinges too, and paint them to match our new handles :). It was really nice to make some progress in that direction.
It was very peaceful and quiet at the place. We all really enjoyed it.
God is good.

Genesis 13-15 He Leadeth Me

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