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Monday, August 10, 2009


Isn't God good? Yes, He is. Today my dear husband and I have been married for 18 years. It just doesn't seem like it has been that long, and in other ways, it feels like we've always been together. I give all the credit to our Lord for keeping it together. We are both way too human to have stayed together by our own merit or willpower. Jesus is the glue that keeps our marriage in one piece, even when we break each other's hearts. That said, he is my best friend this side of heaven. I am so grateful that God gave me to my husband, and He gave him to me. We fill in each other's weak spots. He keeps me from seriousing (not a real word :) )myself to death. Just thanking Jesus for my husband today. As an aside, because there is a husband, there are children. I am sure happy about that ;).
I always wanted to be a wife and mother. I know that's not P.C., but it's true. I thank God for putting that dream in my heart and for making it a reality.
Let's talk about the house. This weekend we were blessed with some great helpers who began working on our siding! They got most of the j channel up around the windows (still waiting on a window) and actually got to hang some siding. It looks really good.Thanks guys!
We got a surprise when we got to the place on Friday. 'da Dad came out of the house and asked me if I knew anything about wire. I ,of course, didn't. He took me into the house and showed me a pile of 4 aught (probably writing that wrong) wire, conduit,fittings,primer and glue, everything needed to run the electricity from the pole to the house!!! What a blessing! Thank you Jesus!
No one will admit to knowing anything about it, but I pray that our God who knows in secret will reward them openly and meet any needs they have.
Have a blessed day!

Luke 14-16 While I'm Waiting

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