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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorting, saving, sharing, and scrapping

Well, I know we are moving. The other day, I felt the Lord impress it upon me that I need to prepare
to move. That means packing the things we can do without temporarily, throwing away, giving away,and doing some deep cleaning along the way.
Last week I began addressing the storage unit stuffed with all the house wares we were given after the fire. This place had a terrible effect on me every time I went in there. Now after 2 days of paring down, I can actually feel good about what's in there. I am planning on taking the rest of the goodies to thrift/free stores, so they can be a blessing to someone else. God has been so good to us, we want to share with others.
I haven't really started packing yet, but I got some great ideas from Ladiesagainstfeminism.com and flylady.net. I want to call a few local stores about surplus boxes today, so I need to get off here soon.
I want to share something the Lord showed me this last weekend. I never made it up home last week. I had 2 fairly "bad" fire days (remembering stuff I lost in the fire that I need,etc). When I took the elder children up to do chores, I walked into the new house. My first thought was, "Who's house is this? This is my house? I'm going to live here?" I was shocked that I had gotten my focus so much on surviving in this present state, that I forgot about the blessing to come in my new home. That's when the Holy Spirit reminded me that as Christians, we need to keep our mind on eternal things and not get so caught up in this temporal world. We are strangers here, we need to remember the lost and their fate in hell. We need to retain in our knowledge a holy God who loves us and wants a relationship with every person, through Jesus Christ His son. We need to remember heaven is our home, so, live in anticipation!
Just one more thing. Farmerboy and I were hoping to purchase new laying stock. I didn't really think we should spend $ on them, since we are trying to be extra careful with funds right now. Anyway, he noticed several weeks ago that our cochin bantam (miniature,sort of) hen was setting.
Well, when we went to work on the place yesterday, we were welcomed by 10 bantam chicks. So, again the Lord provides!

Matthew 17 I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

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