Our Team

'daDad (38 yo), the Mama (36yo), FarmerBoy (19 yo ds), Gypsygirl (17 yo dd), Miss Petite (16 yo dd),LionHeart (14 yo ds), Red (12 yo ds), Belle (10 yo dd),Nae Nae (7 yo dd),Bunny (2 yo dd), Little Britches (3 months)

Monday, August 9, 2010

What's Up

The men worked on more plumbing. I got the hinges cleaned and 1 coat of flat black paint put on them. They look much better.
I did not do any mending this weekend. I washed,hung, and put away a load of towels.
Yesterday, I made some beef broth (only b/c we had a roast for lunch) and another batch of kombucha. Mostly, we rested.
The children and I have been packing more non-essential stuff to be taken down to storage. Saturday, 'da Dad went down to the unit w/ me. It is getting pretty full, and I teasingly told him that when it gets full we have to move! He just looked at me & laughed.
Public school starts here on the 18th. That means going back to keeping the children in from 8-3. The last few days of last week I worked on switching them over to that schedule. There are good things about it though. Their house chores are usually completable during that time also, so when 3 o'clock rolls around, they are totally free.

Psalm 114