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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crazy Busy

We have had a busy week. Monday, I had to pick my aunt up (27 mi one way) and bring her down here to get her eyeglasses fitted. Then, we stopped by the house we're living in, so I could pick up Lionheart and so my aunt could give my dad some papers and visit w/ our other children. After that I was supposed to take her back and then go grocery shopping. Well, that's not what happened.
When I got back here, Farmerboy said they had been visited by the police while I was gone! Apparently, there had been a robbery at one of the businesses behind the railroad tracks in the backyard. While investigating it, they discovered Lionheart's "fort" and decided to look further into it. Two officers questioned the three boys (praise God Farmerboy handled things perfectly, and stayed with his brothers the whole time!) and then requested that I come down for questioning. So, needless to say,I didn't go anywhere after that! I called 'da Dad and he decided he would call the pd and ask what this was all about. He really blessed me by doing that, b/c I'm kind of hormonal and pretty much nuts when it comes to feeling my children are being threatened! Anywho- all it boils down to is that they want us keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. It was very creepy to have them patrolling 6+ times the next day. That seems to have stopped, but we do have a lot of patrolling here anyway, b/c it's a low income area, and of course that has to mean crime (insert sarcasm here).
Can't wait to get home, town life is crazy. We have had 4 visits from police officers since we moved here. We never had 1 when we lived at home. Maybe that's because we aren't doing anything wrong?!
Tuesday, we went and picked grapes at a friend's house. With so many helpers it didn't take long. Then, we came home and I made grape juice. This same lady gave me the recipe. 1 c. of grapes and 3/4 c. sugar (I used evaporated cane juice crystals) and then boiling water to cover. This makes 1 qt. She said to just put the flats and rings on tight and they mostly seal themselves. Well, 2 of them didn't, so I water
bathed those for 20 minutes. You are supposed to let this set for at least a week, but I am planning longer. This is really more like punch to me, but I'm sure we will enjoy it. I may save some for after baby is born, as I always grape juice right after.
Last night, 'da Dad and Gypsygirl, Ms. Petite,and Lionheart, went to work on a project for the upcoming fair. I stayed at home with the 4 youngest and did dishes and sorted laundry. The laundry took quite some time, b/c there was 4 days worth (12 loads ?) to sort. Putting that away is priority 1 today, even before school.
Right now this is our laundry schedule:
Wednesday-Ms. Petite
Saturday(if we're home)-1 load each-Mom, Gypsygirl, Ms.Petite
Sunday-off (unless we're desperate)
3-4 loads must be done daily, and the person washing is supposed to wash the bedding laundry from their room on that day.
Farmerboy went up to the new house and did more dirt work, so it will be smooth for scaffolding this weekend.
Also planned for today, is school, Lionheart's laundry,making some phone call for dh (*me), Farmerboy is helping my brother this a.m., going to pick books up for school (starts next week), and finish his day completing the dirt work. He sure is blessing us with that. His dad is working so much ,that working this in would have been extremely difficult.
Tomorrow, we have all the usual things plus a wedding. We are all looking forward to that.
I need to get off here and get to inspecting their work.
Be blessed!

Psalm 100 Proverbs 19

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