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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making Do

I worked on a project Thursday that kind of just hit me all at once. Bunny is needing to potty train. I have tried to find training pants (cloth) on the used market (not to be squeemish, that's what hot water and bleach are for ;)), to no avail. I don't like the price of the new ones either. I have been dragging my feet about starting her because I just didn't want to pay the price for new, when she was just going to well, you know on them! Anyway, I was working on some laundry when I noticed a package of 9 prs of girls underwear, the wrong size for any of our other girls (they had been a gift). So, I decided to sew them down small enough for her and added some "padding" in the form of strips taken from an old towel. They are working just fine, and were basically free, except for my time.
Why do I mention this? I just wanted to say that tightwad choices are not always about not having money. Sometimes, like this one, I wanted to apply that money to something else more lasting.
Besides, I enjoy the challenge of making do with what we have (useless underwear and old towels, in this case).
Now everyone who reads this blog knows for sure that I am crazy!
I have been super busy today. I guess I made up for "ma" of "Abundant Life" not having any "go" today.
I did 5 loads of laundry, hung 4 of them, made a grocery list, shopped,scrubbed the bathroom sink, swept my bedroom floor,chased the little girls, fielded several phone calls, and now I need to go home and sort the laundry and do my Bible reading. Tonight it will be Psalm 22 & Proverbs 22. 'da Dad and I listened to the book of Romans on MP3. It was OK. I am not an auditory learner, though he is. The recording is not very good. It came from Dollar Tree and it sounds like the man reading has never read the KJV before. It does help you test how well you are listening and how well you know a passage ;).
I am doing much better with my pregnancy, and am having a lot more energy.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! I enjoy the challenge of making do. Satisfies our creative urge with something practical, right?
    God Bless