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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Little Things

Last week, Nae Nae was very intent on helping me in the kitchen with breakfasts. She did a really good job. I almost forgot how much fun a 6 yo can be as a helper. Then, of course, that always makes Bunny (2yo) want to get in there too.
One day, she helped make bread. We took turns stirring, and of course she had to taste the flour and then, the dough (no eggs). After we finished kneading it, she wanted to help with the dishes!! What a mess! I was much less patient with the water all over her, the counter, the floor! I was thinking to myself, "Child you are a piece of work!" The Lord gently spoke to me, "She is My workmanship, and very precious in My sight, be careful with how you treat her."
All my impatience just melted away as God allowed me to see her (and her siblings) through His eyes. It can be easy for us moms to forget what a precious treasure comes in those earthen vessel we call children.
Farmerboy is doing well. This job is really growing him. It is really neat to see how his relationships with the men in his life are changing. He is willing to seek out the advice of others, but I can see that he is definitely now a man in his own right. Praise God for His work!

Psalm 16-17

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  1. Congrats on the newest blessing coming to your family! Would love to see some recent pics of y'all!