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Monday, February 22, 2010

We are definitely gearing up for more work on the house. Farmerboy, Lionheart, and I purchased more material last Friday. Eventually I think we will be dividing up our days, spending half at the place working and the other half here at the temp/ house doing school and housework.
I am currently working on pieces for two friendship quilts. One is for a wedding. I think we will possibly be doing another one later in the year, as I have gotten wind that another of the young men back at home is courting. It sure is nice.
Usually, we let the couple pick colors and then we divide the # of blocks amongst the various families. Sometimes we only do pieced, embroidered, or appliqued blocks, but this time we get to do what we want. It is to be a western themed quilt in muted colors. I'm always anxious to see how these turn out.
Maybe I'll post my contribution.
I did finally get to finish Job yesterday evening. It was just hard to get more than one chapter read this weekend.
'da Dad pointed out to me that this week I'll be sharing my testimony.
Just last week one of our former teachers came up to Robert to talk to him about his testimony. God is working.
We seem to be having colds at our house. Nothing really seems to help, it just kind of runs its course.
Someone (;) has asked for more pictures. Well, our other camera died. We have gotten another one, so I hope we can soon share some pictures. The house has changed a lot since the last ones we took.
Have a blessed day!

John 9 Blessed Redeeemer

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