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Monday, February 1, 2010


In the last 2 months, two families we love very much have moved into larger homes. I am very happy for them, but have struggled with feeling envious, too. I am glad they have been blessed, I just wonder, "When will we get to move into our house?"
I know God has not forgotten us, and that day is coming. We are closer than before.
I think of the verse that says godliness, with contentment is great gain. (I'll look that one up later, I'm blogging @ my parents' and don't have my good Bible with me.)
One of the things I know God is working into our character is contentment. The last of Phillipians 4 Paul is talking about knowing how to have little or much (be abased or abound). We need to be like that.
A friend of mine once said that she thought it was easier to be grateful when you had the least. I believe she is right. When we have a lot, we want MORE. When you have little, you can be thankful for what you DO have b/c you know it could all be gone in a flash.
That is probably one of the most vivid lessons we have gleened from the fire. Stuff is just stuff. It does not love you. It will not be with you forever. It could all be burned up, stolen, blown away or lost. Even if you have insurance, grandma's buffet will go and you will never be able to replace it again. The only things that last forever are PEOPLE. So, we choose to focus on people, especially our family. Those relationships are ETERNAL. Don't miss this. Work and invest in what lasts forever!
I have been lead to read the Bible in the order it was written, so I will be working on Job.
Have a blessed day in the Lord!

Job 1-3 I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord