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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, it has rained twice. Mightily. Last Monday, we got a call from the concrete sub. He said it was a mess at our house. He was right. 'da Dad and Farmerboy had to dig a drainage trench. The water actually covered the existing footing by several inches. Then, last night, it rained again.
The upside is, at least if it keeps up crops and gardens will grow well.
We did find out that the lumber for the floor joists is going to cost 1/2 as much as we thought, so that's a real blessing. We are still trying to get all the logistics in place, so, at least we're not bored :).
Today is Bunny's first birthday. We had the cake and ice cream last night. Daddy's at school today.

This is one of those "Only in Missouri" stories. (This part of the country is known for it's changeable weather. Heater in the morning, a/c in the afternoon. No, I'm not making this up.)

Saturday night we got about an inch or 2 of snow. Sunday morning it was starting to warm up when we headed to church. Just about the time the preacher got up, we all heard tunes floating from the ice cream truck! Snow still on the ground, and the ice cream lady, out peddling ice cream! LOL! The snow was completely gone by 3pm.

James 4 Spirit of the Living God

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