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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, praise the Lord! The ash and leftover junk from the fire has been removed and we are now back to the footings of the original house. It was so good to walk up there and see dirt and not smell fire!
It rained after that, though. Hopefully, it will dry up some so they can give it another go.
Thanks Joe and Marvin!
'da Dad has been re-arranging our house plans, so we need to be making a final decision about that. We have to be ready for the foundation digging and the concrete work.
The children have been getting their eyes checked (in turns) for cataracts (genetic) and glasses. Three of the 4 that have been to the dr. needed glasses. That should help them not to get so tired while doing their school work.:)
I,uh, had a birthday. Now I'm.......................Not telling+1! My honey took me to eat Greek food and then we window shopped for the house. It was fun.
My brother-in-law Wayne is back in the hospital, unconcious. They don't know what is wrong yet. Please pray for him and his family. I don't know where he stands with Jesus, so lift that concern up over all. They sure have been through a lot.

2 Thessalonians (all) He Leadeth Me

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