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'daDad (38 yo), the Mama (36yo), FarmerBoy (19 yo ds), Gypsygirl (17 yo dd), Miss Petite (16 yo dd),LionHeart (14 yo ds), Red (12 yo ds), Belle (10 yo dd),Nae Nae (7 yo dd),Bunny (2 yo dd), Little Britches (3 months)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tea Time w/ My Girls

For a month or so, I have been trying to keep a special tea time with my girls. Because their ages and needs are different, I meet with the older girls on Thursdays after supper. The little girls (Belle and NaeNae) I gather with on Sunday afternoons. We typically have tea or coffee in my tea set ( a very neat "coffee pot", sugar,and creamer set my dh bought me as an anniversary gift 2-3yrs ago-I was wanting one just for this purpose.), and cookies or scones.
Gypsygirl, Ms. Petite, and I have been reading "Raising Maidens of Virtue" by Stacy MacDonald. It has been very good.
I am reading through "The King's Daughter". I cannot remember who publishes it, but it has various authors.
I think we are all enjoying our time together. It gives us an opportunity to learn what God wants for us, as well as knitting our hearts closer through prayer and sharing our thoughts.
My first responsibility as an "older woman" (Titus 2) is to train my own girls to be all God wants them to be (as I too am learning).
The men in our family have been turkey hunting several with no success. At least they get some time outdoors together.
Tonight we had a really nice supper. It was really peaceful.
Little Britches now has his bottom 2 front teeth in. He is so cute,sweet, and chubby. We are having a lot of fun with him.

1 Timothy 1&2

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