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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's Up

I have been doing some projects to make our house "homier" (is that a word?). I repurposed some white striped, sort of seersucker-ish swags into a curtain that tie up sort of like a roman shade, only it's billowy,like balloon valance (clear as mud?). I got the idea from a Country Curtains catalog.These are going up in the hall.
Ms.Petite and I also hung the artwork in the hall. There is a magnolia watercolor at the head of the stairs, two lily prints across from my bedroom door,and a slightly impressionist painting of a family on an fishing outing.
Then,at the end of the stairs as you come down them, are some barn red plaques with faith,hope, and love written on them. Between each of them is a star. So, now when I am in these areas, I have things that make me smile.
Yesterday, I bought some light filtering blinds. I got them at a salvage place. No returns. They are made of paper! They were only $2 each, but paper! Oh, well, they are up, and they are serviceable. I just wonder about how long they'll last.
We are back into Upward season, so life is busy, especially for the older children. Please be praying for people to come to know and serve Jesus.
As an aside, there seems to be an attitude w/in the church that says: "Don't have too many children. It will keep you from serving God." Well,that is just plain not true. By having a large family and raising them for Jesus, we have effectively multiplied our ministry. Three or four of our children help at church regularly. Sometimes I feel like I don't contribute much to the work. But, then I remember that training up helpers and leaders for tomorrow is my ministry. If I don't do that well, nothing else I do will matter. In addition, I can be praying at any time about what is going on.
Isn't it a blessing to be able pray without ceasing? That God is available all the time?

Genesis 35-end of book
BTW,Farmerboy got all of his desired schedule this semester and he starts back today.

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