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Monday, October 26, 2009


The last 2 weekends I have stayed at home. The first week it was b/c some of the little girls were sick. This past week it was partially that, but mostly b/c I hurt my back. I am doing much better, but I would have been no help working on the house.
Everyone else got a lot done. Yay for them! I am so grateful to have children who step up when they are needed.
The wiring is nearly finished. Yay!
Several weeks ago we purchased the insulation for the attic. Now that the electric is finished up there, we can put the upstairs ceiling in and insulate. There was a lot of prep work to do for this step. Someone offered us a huge stack of painted, tempered masonite. We decided to use it for the ceiling upstairs. (We did this with the old house, too, only it wasn't prepainted :)So, the older children spent most of their time ripping down 2x4's and pre-drilling holes. It is now finished (the prep work). I'm so excited to see this done!
Next will come the water lines. I'm really happy about that. It goes so much faster than electricity.
The challenge I posted about last time was eye opening. I hope you all will try it sometime. Also, I would suggest that you ask your older children if they see Jesus in you. Then, really listen, and do it with a humble heart, especially if your children are brethern in the Lord.
Life is going well. We have had a lot of rainy days. That always makes this house seem smaller, and tempers are shorter. Mine included. I just keep trying to encourage them (and myself) that our situation is not permanent. We sure will appreciate that new house!
Thanksgiving is coming up. It is my favorite holiday. No commercialization. Just family, enjoying each other and good food, and (hopefully) being grateful to the God who made it all possible.
I need to go set down with the children and start school.
Have a blessed day!
the mama
Ephesians 1-3 Great is Thy Faithfulness

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