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Monday, October 5, 2009


Yesterday our pastor was talking about young people (18-20ish) leaving the church. He believes it is because they don't see anything real in the "christians" around them, even their parents. So, he proposed that we all document how we spend our time the next week, to see if there was enough evidence to convince a young person that we were really disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ. His premise was to pretend we had an 18 yo hot on our heals, looking for proof this Jesus "stuff" is real. So, I issue you the same challenge. Comments would be interesting.
Saturday, we put face plates on outlets and put switches in,etc., downstairs. We can now actually turn on some lights. I received a gift this weekend that should speed up progress. Praise God!
Last weekend the men went camping and we girls stayed up late watching the 6 hour (yes!) Pride and Prejudice. We enjoyed other girl activities. I did miss the guys, but I think both we and they enjoyed extra space. It was nice to not be piled all over each other.
Moving home will be so nice!
Another thing about yesterday that I forgot to mention was the life chain. It is a silent demonstration reminding people of the tragedy of abortion. I stayed home with the little people. Our 5 yo asked me why people kill babies. The Lord used this opportunity to show her how evil came into the world. I opened the scripture to Genesis 3,verses 1-7. The thing that I wanted to make clear was that people were responsible for the knowledge of evil in this world. Eve and then Adam,made a choice to believe satan rather than God (see Ch.2 of Genesis). Up to that time, they had only known good.
To shorten this up, people still want their own way,not God's.
We live in a fallen world. This is why bad things happen, even to good people. People have a choice,they can serve God through Jesus, or they can purposely,or by default, serve satan (also known as doing it your own way). There is no middle ground. More on that later. The truth is, man is responsible for the presence of sin (bad things, evil) not God.
Have a blessed day,
the mamma

Romans 1-3 I Will Call Upon the Lord

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