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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Last weekend we got an access point for water fixed up. Now, we no longer have to hook up hoses at the neighbor's place. Thanks Richard and David.
We also started working on the upstairs wiring.
Last Friday was Lionheart's birthday. There are now officially 4 teenagers in our family. It sure makes life interesting ;).
In a few weeks some men from church are planning to work on siding more. This is very nice, because it frees us up to do other work. I really appreciate all the help we have received. We could never have done this by ourselves. Thank you, Jesus.
Someone mentioned to me the other day, that we had a daunting task ahead of us (finishing the house). I just listened. It is very overwhelming if I think of it as a whole. But, if I take it project by project, it's doable.
The Lord is really working on the unbelief in my life. Sunday morning was a particularly hard day for me. My focus was all wrong. I was looking at all that we still need to do and buy,etc......Then, the Holy Spirit just impressed upon me that a God who couldn't be trusted for a little thing like a house, couldn't be trusted with my eternity either. That'll get you straightened out fast. I'm just going to trust Him. Period.

Acts 12-14 I Need Thee Every Hour

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