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'daDad (38 yo), the Mama (36yo), FarmerBoy (19 yo ds), Gypsygirl (17 yo dd), Miss Petite (16 yo dd),LionHeart (14 yo ds), Red (12 yo ds), Belle (10 yo dd),Nae Nae (7 yo dd),Bunny (2 yo dd), Little Britches (3 months)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Project completed and Meanderings

Last weekend we finally finished the electrical work (wooohooo!!!)
Now, we can move on to putting up the ceiling upstairs so we can insulate.
Ms. Petite played in a tournament Friday and Saturday. Their team placed 3rd overall.
Farmerboy and Gypsygirl have made awesome progress on their ponies. He says his is basically broke. It will be really nice for them ( and maybe some others....) to be able to ride once we get moved.
Our family is going to be able to host Thanksgiving dinner. The church fellowship hall was available, so we will be having it there. There is a lot more space there. I am so excited.
It is sort of a dreary day outside. It has been raining and it looks cold. I haven't been out yet. I guess I can ask Gypsygirl, she feeds the bunnies every morning.
I am determined to have sunshine in our home, though. That makes me think of a song "Sunlight in My Soul". I wonder, does anyone but me remember that one? It's out of a 1950's edition of the Broadman Hymnal. I do love so many of the old hymns. This one says " when Jesus Christ came in , and saved my soul from sin, I have sunshine in my soul today." Wish I could remember the rest.
I am so thankful to God for all He has done for us. I could make out a laundry list here, but I won't.
I will just leave it to this: I am so thankful that He is who He says He is, He loves me even though I am what I am (sinful), and wants to be a Father and friend to me. I am also grateful that He wants that for everyone He created. Isn't God good?
I was thinking of how the last year has been for me. There have been times when I thought I would go crazy or just wished I could die, b/c it was too hard. In this time, God has shown me that
2 of the keys to sanity are gratitude and contentment. These 2 are inseperable. You cannot be grateful and not earn some contentment to go along with it. Over the past year, I have been grateful for breathing, getting up in the morning, the children's smiles, etc. Of course there have been big things ,too. I have all of my family, lots of people to love me, a new church home, continuing to homeschool, and so on. But learning to be grateful for house that's is not as large as our original one and other things that are not to our preference, that is the real test. When I want to complain or feel grumpy, I stop and ask myself, "How could this be worse?" There has never been a time I could not think of some worse thing, so I am always able to be thankful. Praise the Lord! His command to be content whatever our circumstances has been such a blessing to me.
Psalm 118

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